Rebalance, Relax, Reset, Restore


Are you overworking yourself?

Are you in a worrying loop and cycle?

Are you having difficulty adapting to daily stressors?

Do daily things just get you off balance?

Do you NEED coffee in the morning to get going?

and NEED alcohol at night to slow down?

I know that I don't have to tell you that all of these things are not good for you, but there is increasing evidence that it can contribute to poor health and even medical conditions!

In this unique session,

1. You lie down on the treatment table for 45 minutes.

2. I put on average 4-10 acupuncture needles in key points.

3. I use my hands to perform Biodynamic Osteopathy while the needles are working.

The goal of this specific session and treatment is devoted to:





This is what you need:

Medicine, health, wellness for your body-mind-spirit

Stop running ragged and start your journey of rebalancing and restoration.