Lifestyle Transformation

Are you suffering from any of the following?

Diabetes Mellitus type II

High cholesterol

Coronary artery disease

Poor cognitive health

Poor prostate health

Weight issues

Tobacco dependence

I have seen so many people's lives be controlled by these problems. 

Even WORSE, I have seen so many patients on loads of prescription of medications that they probably wouldn't need if they were treated correctly!

All doctors know that lifestyle transformation is VERY EFFECTIVE at treating these conditions and there is a lot of evidence that shows it is also helpful for prostate health, cognitive health, and more.

However, most doctors do not know how to apply the right strategies to help you with this treatment or they might "not have the time" to help you, so they end up just prescribing you medications, and sometimes multiple prescrptions!


Dr. Francis Yoo will

1. Show you how lifestyle transformation can TREAT your specific conditions;

2. identify the troublesome obstacles and habits that is getting in your way; 

3. work with you to make your unique STEP-BY-STEP plan.

Stop living with these conditions that can be treated with lifestyle transformation and let's reduce the number prescriptions medications you need to take!

Start by taking control of your health and life journey with Dr. Francis Yoo