Dr. Francis Yoo, D.O. specializes in

1. Relieving pain without prescription medications, invasive procedures, or surgery. 

2. Optimizing Healthy Development and Living for all

(newborn, children, teenagers, adults.)

3. Non-drug approaches to anxiety.

Dr. Francis Yoo is certified in

- Family Medicine

- Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

- Integrative Medicine

- Medical Acupuncture

- Pain Medicine

Quick FAQs


Do you take my insurance?


We do not partner with any insurance companies / plans; we can give you a superbill/receipt to submit to your  insurance company. We do not take Medicare.


Where do you see patients?


Dr. Yoo sees patients primarily via home visits / house calls anywhere from Manhattan to Montauk. He has in-office hours on Mondays in Manhattan. He is no longer in the Amagansett office space. 


Do you write prescriptions for medications or write for testing



Dr. Francis Yoo, DO


Pain Doctor


Holistic Healer

Integrative Physician

in the Hamptons and New York, NY



The Hamptons

New Hamptons office TBD



"Dr. Francis Yoo is a true healer and has been working on my back for years. He listens to what your everyday behavior is like in order to figure out what the real problems are and how to best treat you. I have 100% confidence in Dr. Yoo and have recommended him to many as he has helped me tremendously."


Dr. Yoo is a Jedi of his craft to mend, cure and guide. I've been seeing doctor Yoo for 3 years now, and every time I see him I immediately feel a sense of calm and relief; he truly is a detective and a master of his craft to cure. He is a professional who is continually on the quest to find what ails an individual - there is no cookie cutter answer or cure, and treats me as the individual I am. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to get better and feel whole.


While I do not make it a policy to champion anyone's cause unless I feel the person really warrants such attention I am happy to write a few words about Dr.Yoo's very professional care that I have experienced. He has taken a sincere interest in diagnosing a back problem and gait in walking. 

*Past results do not guarantee any future results.